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“…In Search of Sal … arrived last night and I made the mistake of reading the first couple of pages and then could not put it down till I finished it. A friendship that develops in High School between Tony and Sal and then gets lost after graduation takes you on a journey that involves mystery, suspense, murder, fraud, love affairs and courage. Compelling reading. Bravo Home Boy, Bravo!”     -Tom Dreesen, entertainer, actor, author.


“Hop aboard this La-La Land express and enjoy the ride.”-Robert Goldsborough, author of Archie Meets Nero Wolfe, a prequel to Rex Stout’s classic detective series. “In Search of Sal has a nostalgic heart and a noir soul.”-Clare O’Donohue, Author of The Kate Conway Mysteries & The Someday Quilts Mysteries, President of Midwest Mystery Writers of America, www.clareodonohue.com.


“Deja Vu, Italian Style is the perfect book for the summer. Could not put the book down and it kept my interest to the very last page. Fun to read – suspenseful – interesting characters & great travel guide to Italy. Treat yourself and buy the book.” -Amazon Review


“Lou Macaluso has managed to capture the dichotomy between the ease of growing up in the simpler times of the 1950s, and the emotional turmoil of buried feelings that era promoted. Clown Town pulls you into another time and place immediately – the vibrant culture of a Chicago neighborhood, which we experience through the fun-loving and mischeivous young Pudgie. The child’s antics, observations, and interactions with rich and rewarding characters made me laugh, cry and wonder. Mingled with the innocent (and sometimes not so innocent) capers, the author did a sensational job of tackling serious issues as well. As a series of deaths innundate Pudgie’s world, we learn of the boy’s growing phobia and quest to figure out what death means to him. Coupled with Pudgie’s insecurites and about a lazy eye, which lead to some serious questions about his own character, these issues make a rich plot that provides plenty of opportunity for introspection for the reader. But make no mistake – this book is fun! It takes you back in time to wild rides in ’57 chevy convertibles, playing detective in backyards, and croons from Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley. The writing is wonderful – very straightforward and sharp. This is a quick read because you will want to stay in one spot until you finish it. I will definitely be recommending it to my friends and family.” -Amazon Review